Let’s Go to America

Tonight, we been to American mall.

All foods here are so good. I can all food here.

We dine out. To feed our hungry stomach.


Cloudy Heads

Looking at this clouds are so relaxing and feel so calm. I can see cute images thru looking at it.

Do I really Have My Own Choice?

Recently, I am juggling if I really have my own choices.

Am I really free enough? My birthday is nearly coming. I made plans that I wish to have a little celebration on our little house. With a only few guests to with. But my husband said to me “It’s a no no. We don’t have enough space here. I have better plans than yours.” My heart is breaking. Thinking that, “I wish I have my own choice”, “I guess, I don’t have my own choice. I don’t have enough penny too to wish that kind of celebration”.

I have to deal whatever his plans on my birthday. He has all the penny and to decide on my own.

I Can Feel The Heat

I can feel the summer rush. People of the Philippines most awaited season of the year.

Resorts and beaches are getting ready for a large number of swimmers.

This are my shots for last summer vacations.

I love really love summer. Plus, I am a summer born baby.

Healthy Patty

Woaaah this is absolutely delicious. I guaranteed you’ll love this homemade healthy patty.

All you need to prepared was:

  • Onion
  • Tomotoes
  • Potatoes
  • Raisins
  • Cheese
  • Hotdog
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Cut all the said ingredients
  • Mix all together
  • Seasoned it
  • Prepared a hot pan with cooking oil
  • Fried it
  • Yaaaay dig’in 🍴

Uncoditional Love

Tell me please, What is uncoditional love?

Funny, Valentine’s day is rushing in. Some people do not really understand what is the meaning of unconditional love. They do not know if it is love or just a liked. The only love I know is the “The love of God”.

He never failed to love and understand us. He never judged us on our mistakes.

Can we loved like God? Never questioning one another how much you loved each other? I mean, thru actions we can determined if we’re loved or not. Efforts are always better than fluffy words. Words are words. We often forgot what we have said. But actions are unforgetable and last forever.

I believe that unconditional love is dificult to find. It will give a courage to look for it. Unconditional love does not promise of weeping and pain.The truth is there are a lot of sacrifices and challenges to take in when we find unconditional love.

Uncnditional love will teached us how to more patience in everything.Teach us how accept mistakes peacefully. Teach us how to be more responsible enough in any actions we make.

Real love makes us weep yet satisfied. If we do not understand why, always ask God. He knows everything beyond our knowledge.

Valentine’s Day Is Coming

Oh my gooosh! Valentine’sa day is rushing in. Are you all excited?

Well, in Korea February 14 is called white day. Meaning, the girls have to give something sweets to the boy they liked.

In the Philippines, the boy will do an exra-ordinary effort for make his girl feel his love.

Red Rose is the most popular flower to give to the one you really love.