Face Masked

Yeahey for today! 😱🤗

Face mask is one of my favourite skin product. It makes my skin looks younger and healhtier. Woooooah 😱helps my skin hydrate, removes skin oil and plus improved my pores. 

After taking a bath. I used to wear this face mask and wait for 30 minutes. All the dark spots, blemishes, skin bacteria and oils are gone!

Used it regularly. No more spa and you’ll save alot of dollars on your wallet. Trust me. I guarantee you’ll love the result of it.


Lip Tint Pack

Lip tint pack is from Korea. It is non removal tint unlike regular tint. This tatoo tint can be used while you are eating o playing around the pool. 

I got this products from my Auntie from Taiwan. She said, most of Taiwanese teens used to have this.

I have check the price on online shops. You can have this for only ₱ 344.00